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My blog celebrates her third birthday this week.  All temper tantrums and the excitement of starting kindergarten.

When I started this blog I was just a month away from completing the purchase on my flat.  ‘Don’t worry‘, I wrote, ‘I am not settling down, but this way I will always have a home to come back to‘.  The irony of that naivety is not wasted on me.

What’s Popular

The most popular post I’ve written continues to be a somewhat dull Philippine itinerary, which transferred from my old blog.  This was pretty much all down to someone sharing on their social media, and since that it has crept up the Google rankings.


Sagada, Philippines

The second most popular is El Bolson; hanging with the hippies in Patagonia, about the hippie hangout and market in Argentina.  Again this is down to somebody sharing on their Facebook.


El Bolson market

It goes to show how much more effective other people’s social media is to mine, which is not surprising really because I hate using social media.  Shouting at everybody about how awesome I am is really not my style.

Social Media

I have now given up on Twitter.  I still keep the account running but I haven’t used it in ages.  I don’t get it.



I do use Instagram, which I post to regularly but in a completely haphazard way (my life feels so depressing right now that I have been putting up a series of Thailand ‘street’ photos from five years ago rather than anything from my real life).

I also still use my blog’s Facebook page from time to time, but I often forget (I like Facebook but it brings in zero engagement, which takes away the incentive a little).

I don’t put anything on my personal Facebook page, as I still maintain that the majority of my ‘friends’ don’t really like me very much and only read my stuff in order to criticize.  Paranoid, me?

I refuse to get involved in Pinterest, which all other travel bloggers are raving about.  There isn’t the space in my life for yet another time-draining activity.


For anyone interested in demographics, it used to be that most of my readers were US based but now USA and UK are running pretty much equal (down to a drop in US readers after I left South America, rather than a rise in UK readers).

After USA and UK it is a long drop before we get on to the Philippines, Australia and Spain (the last two about equal).


Some London exploits: the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A

Google is the most prevalent referrer by a long, long way followed by the WordPress reader, Facebook, Instagram (7 in the past year) and Twitter (2, but like I said I haven’t been using it).

My blog numbers have dropped considerably in the last two months, but I haven’t been doing much with the blog.  I feel that boring updates about my exploits in London are not what anybody wants to read and, to be honest, I’m mostly too depressed to write them anyway.


IMG_0725London itself does not inspire me anymore.  I had been looking forward to coming back for the summer and visiting/revisiting places, catching up with people and implementing some ideas I’d had buzzing around in my head. However in this fantasy I was living in my flat with my things around me.

Instead I spend my days moving from somebody’s couch to tatty hostel to an Airbnb room, whilst rummaging through my over-packed, overpriced  storage unit trying to find various things I need.   Meanwhile, I wait for the slow process of English law to remove the tenants from my home.

Getting embroiled in the slowest of slow legal action against my tenant whilst I’m moving around London from one place to another in this battle to simply put a roof over my head in this overpriced city has drained me.  I feel like I am teetering on the edge of a big black hole, scared that I might fall in and then there will be no escape.



I have plans starting to form in my brain.   I’m not saying so much at the moment (because I have this weird thing that it is bad luck to talk about things before they’re settled) but let’s just say I am busy stalking a ‘new’ (to me anyway) country and a couple of airline websites again.


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  1. Hello Sarah. Happy 3rd birthday! There is nothing I can say about this as I have already said it 🙁 hugs and love xxx

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