Lost love in Zagreb: visiting the museum of broken relationships


funicular in Zagreb

I came in to Zagreb a bit earlier than I planned.  I was unable to book my train through to Budapest online, and thought it easiest to come in and get my ticket directly from the station.  Chances are high that they would have tickets left if I just turned up on the day, but I didn’t want to take the chance.  Also, the man who is housing me in Budapest was becoming edgy because I still hadn’t given exact details of when I am coming; he CAPITAL LETTER TEXTED ME ABOUT IT.


Whilst I was in Zagreb I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships (yes seriously) which is situated in a small-ish building in the upper town (take the funicular up and it is right next to the stop).

The museum won an award for Europe’s most innovative museum back in 2011 and you often see it featured on lists of ‘world’s most unusual museums’.  It certainly is different .

It was started by two artists (who are also ex-lovers) and it houses displays of assorted keepsakes, along with a date, place and a little story about the relationship.

My favourite was a little toy Snoopy dog, given to the donor when she was 17 by her 18-year-old boyfriend.  Thirty years and two children later he walked out, saying he had never really loved her.  The place is littered with similar bitter-sweet stories.

Yes, I said it was an unusual museum.


The museum is on the right hand side here

Zagreb itself is a quirky place; a capital city that doesn’t feel like a capital city at all.  After the tourist hoards of Split and Dubrovnik it has been a welcome relief.



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