Hunting down movie locations again: this time, Amelie


For any fans of the 2001 movie Amelie, then maybe you recognize this café as the one where Amelie works whilst she goes about her good deeds.

creme brulee pic credit: BBC

creme brulee pic credit: BBC

The café seen in the movie really does exist and you can go in and get coffee and/or a crème brulee, as featured in the movie.  (How to tell if your crème brulee is good? When you hit it with the back of your spoon the dessert should crack, as it does in the film)

Las deux Molins is in Montmartre near to the home of the director (apparently he is known to pop in from time to time).

downloadI simply adored this movie.  I detest rom-coms generally because so many of them are formulaic drivel (boy and girl meet/girl hates boy/boy does something so that girl realizes she loves boy after all/finish with mad dash to airport for girl to declare her love/happy ever after).

French cinema is often a little more quirky and different, which is why it appeals more, I suppose.  You don’t know what’s going to happen as soon as you sit down to watch.

After I got back from Paris I found this movie on Netflix and sat down to watch it again, after seeing the café.  (I also had an urge to see ‘the Third Man’ again after seeing the Vienna backdrop, but Netflix UK don’t have that, so I’ll have to wait until it’s on telly).

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