Athens, TBEX and all that

So as you read this I will be on my way to Athens.  My purpose (if I need one) is to attend TBEX_Europe_lightthe TBEX travel bloggers conference there.

It should be interesting if nothing else.  I can’t network to save my life but sometimes you have to push yourself to do things you find difficult. This is me fighting one of my demons. 1145381-Cartoon-Of-An-Electrical-Socket-Mascot-Holding-A-Thumb-Up-Royalty-Free-Vector-Clipart

My networking tactics for this conference include packing my bank of European power sockets, figuring that this will make people want to sit with me so they can charge their iPads.  This is the equivalent of bringing cakes into the office so that people will like me, except now I’m giving out electricity.

I’ll let you know if this tactic works for me.

imagesAthens should be good at least.  The last time I was there I was on the way back from a holiday on a somewhat dull island with a somewhat dull boyfriend.

We ate in McDonalds.

I always remember Athens as the first place I ever ate a BigMac.  I had never been into a McDonalds before (I had these principles about not spending my money with multinational conglomerates) and I was angry with myself for giving in to his incessant whining.  If I just manage to stay out of McDonalds this time then I will feel I have made some progress in sixteen years.


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