Update: On Hills and Volcanoes

So I’m in Spain.

Beautiful Sevilla, and yes it does look a bit like Venice

Beautiful Sevilla, and yes it does look a bit like Venice


I had ten ‘free’ days, without any real obligations. I left it and left it, because I’m still waiting for the council to fix the remaining leaks my flat. In the end I realised that they were doing nothing and  bothering them every day wasn’t making any difference. So I covered my kitchen in towels and plastic sheeting and took myself off to Spain.

I originally planned to go to Sicily. I had an intense craving for volcanoes and I had a vision of myself standing on top of mount Etna, mainland Europe’s largest active volcano. However when I checked the weather forecast for Sicily it was showing a lot of drizzle. I re-checked my fantasy and in none of them was I standing on Mount Etna shivering in a waterproof poncho, so at the last minute I decided to go to the South of Spain instead, where there is statistically much less chance of rain.


That is one advantage to booking last minute

Of course no volcanoes here to satisfy my craving, but plenty of mountains and big hills, so I’m planning to satisfy my volcano craving with some hiking in the National Parks.

I found a reasonable EasyJet flight into Seville and from there got a train to my Airbnb room in Jerez, which takes around an hour. Ryanair do flights direct into Jerez from London but I don’t use Ryanair.  Mainly this is because they use Stanstead airport, which must win some kind of award for being the most inconvenient ‘London’ airport . So an hour’s train journey seems a small price to pay not to have to use Ryanair.
IMG_1599 IMG_1624

More to follow soon.

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