Life updated: Where my blog turns 1 and I deal with the slow process of preparing to become a Digital Nomad


~My blog recently celebrated her first birthday


The last six months have not been as exciting as the first, with only two overseas trips (France and Spain) and a winter in London that felt as if it would never end.

Most of the last six months have been spent dealing with floods, local authorities, insurance claims and finally now, lecherous builders and shady prospective leasing agents.

Who would believe this process could take so long? I should have done more research before I got started on this. The leasing agent gives me information piece by piece. They send me away to get a gas safety certificate, which takes two weeks because the man who does them is booked up solidly. So I sit around and wait for 2 weeks and finally he comes and I get that done and then they say ‘yes very good, now we need an electrical safety certificate’.

 I can multi-task you know. I can wait for an electrician at the same time as I wait for the gas person.

Waiting around for repairmen who turn up late, leer at me and say, as if on a given cue, ‘how come a beautiful girl like you is living all alone like this then?’ is rather zapping me of any energy.

However we are on the home straight now, and soon I will be in a position to rent out my flat to finance my travels, and the next six months should be more eventful.

The blog continues to get more hits, even though I haven’t been posting and I took a month-long hiatus from social media.

And you thought the Philippines was just beaches eh?

And you thought the Philippines was just beaches eh?

The most clicked on of my posts this past six months, by a long way, has been Luzon: itinerary for a solo trip, mainly due to somebody sharing it on a Philippine website. It just shows you never can tell.

The next most popular posts continue to be Hatyai and Athens street art.

Hatyai nightlife

Hatyai nightlife



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