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Who's stolen the view? The rain arrived again this weekend

Who’s stolen the view? The rain arrived again this weekend

It’s got to the point where I’ve done everything and I’m all ready to leave, except there’s still water dripping out of the electric socket and there’s nothing else I can do until it stops. So my days are spent watching water drip, which is slightly more interesting than watching paint dry because it involves me squinting at the water saying to myself ‘well I think it may be a little less..’.

Ah well, there’s nothing I can do about it and in three weeks I fly to Seattle anyway, water dripping or no water dripping.

The council came over and took some more photos. Their response to any threat of legal action is to send an employee over with his i-phone. Meanwhile the water still drips.


How shall I spend my £7 then?

How shall I spend my £7 then?

Last week I made up some jewellery and bits, using beads and wire I had left and didn’t want to pay to store or (horror) throw away. I put it on eBay and by this weekend I had earned myself the princely sum of ……. £7.70. That’s enough for a third of a ride on the London eye or just over an hour’s work for minimum wage if you prefer to think of it like that. Trust me, it took me more than an hour to make the stuff, photograph it, list it, package it up and post it.


Meanwhile outside the house…

On Monday night I went to Amersham Arms in New Cross to see comedian Reginald D Hunter preview his forthcoming Edinburgh show. You see, who needs to brave the cold and rain of Edinburgh to see these shows when you can just deal with the rain and pollution of London and see them here? It’s a good value night out, but a victim of its own success and they cram too many seats in now. It’s a bit like a Ryan Air flight.


20140326_093242On Tuesday I performed probably my worse ever rendition of Delilah on the uke, sentencing myself to another week practicing this same song over and over before I get to move on to California Dreamin’


I went to the cinema to see True Story, which is about a criminal who impersonated a disgraced journalist. The real-life story is actually more interesting than the film and the film itself was so-so (Time out gave it 2 stars and they weren’t far wrong).

There’s not a lot out in the cinema right now, unless you’re a seven year old or one of these annoying ‘kidults’ who like reliving your childhood. I’m not. One childhood was quite enough for me and there’s no need for me to relive it by watching cartoons or movies with talking teddybears. The most compelling reason for not having children is to remember all the Disney films you’ll be expected to sit through with your prodigy. Thank God for Netflix.

Borough market/Southwark cathedral

Borough market/Southwark cathedral


On Thursday I met up with a fellow blogger, who I know from a meet-up group. We wandered around the Southbank gossiping about blogging, errant husbands/boyfriends, living in London and that sort of thing. I tried to impress her with my knowledge of nearby graffiti, and she impressed me with her knowledge of a bar that used to be a fire station.  You can find Karen here if you’d like to keep up with her adventures.


They were giving away free posters and the woman looked so disappointed that I didn't want mine that I took it in the end.  Just what I need, more stuff to deal with before I can leave.

They were giving away free posters and the woman looked so disappointed that I didn’t want mine that I took it in the end. Just what I need; more stuff to deal with before I can leave.

In the evening I went to see Stephen Merchant in ‘the Mentalists’ at Wyndham’s theatre. I made the mistake of glancing through review headings before I went, so I wasn’t expecting that much. Actually I thought it was pretty good; maybe people were expecting Stephen Merchant the stand up comic and were disappointed in this because it’s him acting in somebody else’s story.

I heard the people behind me complaining that ‘oh I didn’t think it would be all talking like this’ but they didn’t sound like English was their first language and the dialogue was fast. Later I met an American who said the same thing about not understanding it (to be fair, I think the American was talking about not always following the cultural references rather than struggling to follow the English).

But if you speak good English and you’re familiar with British culture then certainly I’d recommend it, and you can find some good deals on tickets still. Summer is a slow season for theatres as well, I think.

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  1. Hi there!
    Oh the grand sum of £7 made me smile …. invest it lol. Thank you for the link to my blog as well, that is very kind. I posted the graffiti photos and are still taken back by them. I think I will have to have another walk over that way soon, if the weather ever returns to Summer. Also, pleased you enjoyed the theatre more than you thought you would, must catch up on this. Oh to be flying out to the sunshine with you lol. Speak later in the week x

    • Yeah you should go to graffiti tunnel on an evening; gets quite lively.
      Yep only 3 wks to go now; it’s got to the point where time is moving very slowly

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