Sausalito: art, music and yoga in canoes

IMG_3460Every labor day weekend there is an art festival held in Sausalito, just across the bay from San Fransisco. You can get a ferry across from the ferry terminal, which takes about half an hour (you can also drive if you want, it’s not an island).

The Ferry building

The Ferry building

Sausalito looked a nice little place for a visit even without the art festival, with lots of little restaurants dotted around the bay.

The festival featured different music every day. I went on the Sunday and it was tribute acts.

The fab four: did a pretty good imitation of a Liverpool accent and even I thought they were British.  Most are from LA

The fab four: did a pretty good imitation of a Liverpool accent and even I thought they were British. 


‘The music of abba’.

There was also a Tom Petty lookalike/soundalike, but I was too uncomfortably hot by then and needed the shelter of a bit of shade, so no pictures.

If you’re in the market to buy some art, they had plenty of unique pieces to consider. If you’re not looking to buy then you can still enjoy a good look around and a chat with the artist (some are more chatty than others, you need to pick your target if chatting is your thing.  It helps if you have a funny accent.  ‘You sound just like Joanna Lumley’ someone told me.  I don’t.)IMG_3476

You can always take a yoga class whilst you’re there. Don’t find yoga challenging enough? Well you’re in luck because this one takes place on kayaks.

The woman in the green was the one barking out instructions.

The woman in the green was the one barking out instructions.


So my time in San Fransisco is almost up. My reason for coming here (not that I need a reason but I have one anyway) was to join up with an Intrepid tour and go on a 9-day adventure around the National Parks of California, so that’s what I’m up to now.

I did stop the car to take this picture; honestly

My last attempt at driving, in Spain.

I’m not a big fan of tours. I often rip off their itinerary to do the trip myself but tend not to take the tours. However this trip involves a lot of driving. Not only do I not like driving (plus, seriously, I’m a liability to to other road-users), but it’s relatively expensive hiring a car for one person. I’d then have the prospect of driving for up to eight hours every day, on my own, not knowing the roads, having to find hostels and find parking all by myself. It’s got to be better to let somebody else take care of that, I thought.

We shall see.

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  1. Once again, love it. Joanna Lumley ………………. bless. Don’t you just love the Americans discuss …. I used to do yoga but I cannot imagine it on the water, it would just laugh and fall in. The time is flying by but it is just so lovely to be able to share this with you Sarah. So, where next …………… Safe travels my friend x

    • No I can’t balance on a floor so no chance in a kayak. And yes it is racing by; i just booked another little segment yesterday, accommodation in LA and flight into Mexico for 25th. Today we go off to the wine region about an hour from city.

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