Reluctantly leaving Mexico and making plans to slow down

Final stop in Mexico: Tulum

Final stop in Mexico: Tulum


So I survived Mexico without any major disasters, despite the warnings from the media and my favourite worry-worts travel page: the British foreign office travel advice (you can look up any country you like there and conclude that it’s far too dangerous and really you’re better off staying at home, in bed, with the curtains firmly drawn).

Anyway I didn’t get kidnapped or shot in a gangland execution and the month went by unbelievably fast.

I met some interesting people: a couple of my hosts on airbnb were particularly inspiring and my head is now buzzing with ideas.

Still one of my best memories of Mexico: getting to see Frida's house

Still one of my best memories of Mexico: getting to see Frida’s house


Then there was the man who told me I was probably travelling because ‘you’ve given up on meeting a man’. Well I’ve been backpacking since I was nineteen, so either I gave up really early or, maybe (bizarre thought), I just like travelling. But good to know that I’ve become a stereotype in the eyes of the Machismo Mexican Male: can’t get a man so she straps on a backpack, calls herself a ‘free spirit’ and wanders the planet.

The last photo I took in Mexico, on Tulum beach.

The last photo I took in Mexico, on Tulum beach.


This portion of the trip signifies the end of the fast travel. I’m tired, and the whole digital nomad thing doesn’t work when you’re moving on every few days, and constantly searching for a reliable internet connection. The next segment of my adventure involves me selecting a place that I fancy settling for a while (no, I still haven’t even decided that part yet) and slowing down.

Anyway I have a few weeks to think about it. I am now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I am attending the TBEX travel bloggers conference, which starts in a few days.

View from my window in Fort Lauderdale

View from my window in Fort Lauderdale


Now in Fort Lauderdale. Here is one of the city's many canals

Here is one of the city’s many canals

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  1. Hello Sarah I cannot believe you are in the States already, what happened there? The time has flown by. I did giggle at the ‘you can’t find a man thing’, I mean really? Good for you I say and stuff them and hey well done for not getting executed as well. I shall be seeing you soon. I can’t wait to hear of your travels. Enjoy Florida and soak up that sunshine …….. you will need it. Safe travels my friend xx

  2. Ha ha, you travel because you haven’t found man, what a cheek! Enjoy TBEX, wish I was there, look forward to hearing about it!

  3. Ah the ‘joy’ of travel. But I’m glad that you’re fine. As for that guy who quipped about you not finding a man, he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Anyhow, enjoy TBEX! And safe travels 🙂

  4. Sarah it was so nice to meet you at TBEX 🙂 I am glad you are off traveling rather than off looking for a man! Here’s to more adventures – solo or otherwise.

    • Hi, Thank you. I did get a quick look at your site, before my old enemy the unreliable internet connection took over once more. But I will get caught up with it all once I find decent wifi again.
      I hope you made some interesting connections at TBEX. Happy travels 🙂

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