South America: take 2

IMG_5293I wouldn’t recommend London in November if you have a choice. The weather is wet and miserable (I’ve barely seen a blue sky since I got here), the trains and shops are crowded out with irritable suburbanites ‘up’ in ‘the city’ doing their shopping and the daylight hours are getting so short they’re practically non-existent.


A rare blue sky, together with the ubiquitous Christmas market.  Every little bit of space, so it seems, someone has shoved down a couple of wooden sheds, draped some tinsel and called it a Christmas market.  A few old garden sheds and a bit of tinsel does not a Christmas market make.

I didn’t want to come back in the first place, which hasn’t helped, but I needed to sort things out with the flat so that I had some kind of rental income. Now, exactly a month later, I am headed back to where I left off.

Well not exactly.

This time I am going to start at the other side of the continent. Just in case it all goes tits-up and I have to cut short again (yes I’m such an optimist) then this way at least I will have got to Argentina, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

To be continued…

Meanwhile, whilst I fly across the huge pond separating me from America, here are some photos from the past month in London.  I haven’t done much; in part that was because I’ve been busy with the flat, but the awful weather hasn’t helped either.


Artwork from the Tate Modern’s Popart exhibition


Rotherhithe, pronounced rovver-ive if you want to sound like a local


Borough market.  I love this place.  I hope to find some Buenos Aires equivalent.


My little 10 foot (what?) square of storage space in London.


Since my flat had already been tenanted, I spent the last couple of nights in a hostel in Crystal Palace (zone 3; yikes it’s practically suburbia). This was the same place as I stayed all those years (2? 3? I can’t even remember) ago when I first came back from Asia.  Comes complete with its own little Eiffel Tower, aka the Crystal Palace radio transmitter, in the garden.




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  1. Hi Sarah

    I am so envious of you jetting off to blue skies and I could not agree with you more about the dark nights and days and crappy weather. I love the photo of the Tate Modern exhibition and yes you are right about the numerous Christmas markets in town, crazy! Safe travels my friend and here’s to the next adventure. xxx

    • That Tate exhibition was expensive. It was good but I do think £16 for these things is too much. Mind you, I paid £13 for a cinema ticket just before I left, and the film was crap. It’s all too much really.

  2. Looks like you fit in quite a bit of exploring! I like the photo captions that you added to your piece, very informative without being distracting from your blog post. 🙂

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