Putting down Roots in Buenos Aires


I spent a low-key Christmas hanging out in the park with some friendly geese


View from my bedroom window.  Not particularly inspiring  but I’ve had worse.

The day after Christmas I moved to my new apartment, where I will be for the next five weeks. Five weeks is the longest I’ve stayed in one place since last July, so in celebration of that I unpacked my bag and hung up my things.

I am putting down roots in this city just a month at a time.

I am now living just a block away from the obelisk, which represents the centre of the city. It is a very busy part of town.


The obelisk, doing its thing…

For anyone familiar with London, it is the equivalent of staying in Piccadilly Circus. At first you think how super-convenient it will be, but then you realise that there are no proper supermarkets nearby, no laundries, and there are tons of people right there in your face the very second you step out of your door.


Av 9 de Julio; allegedly the widest avenue in the world.  My target is to one day get across the whole thing in one go.


cosy little bedroom…

Ah well, it’s not that I didn’t realise this beforehand. The time I will really appreciate this flat is at 9AM on a weekday morning when it’s just a fifteen minute walk to school.


Like most apartments in Buenos Aires (trust me, I looked at a few) it comes complete with a little black faux leather couch

There may not be an abundance of supermarkets but there are lots of cafes and restaurants. However it is rather heavy on the pizza. I’m wondering how long it will take for me to grow bored of pizza (trick question; I’m already bored of pizza).

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  1. Hi Sarah
    Oh I just love your apartment! How cool is that. I smiled when you said it’s the equivalent of living in Piccadilly! Like you say it’s the pratical stuff. I need a pair of shoes reheeled- no chance round here! I will get off the bus at Dulwich.

    Pizza is ok but I’m with you, after a couple of days that is it. But you will figure it out. Well done for putting down those roots ……… Well for now! Take care xx

    • Yes I lived on Greek street briefly, right on soho and I can remember feeling the same. People in your face as soon as you went out the door. Weird. But I found a laundry today. I am beyond excited that tomorrow I will have clean clothes again.

  2. Delighted you can put your things up – well for a while at least. And purple! Must be a celebration!

    • y tu también 🙂
      No I wrote something about my time flat hunting here, but in the end I didn’t put it up because I thought it was a bit moany (people are always saying I moan too much on here; don’t see it myself but I suppose you never do).
      I found flats through 2 different agents but both times they insisted on US dollars in cash, no bank transfers and definitely no pesos. Since I don’t have that amount of dollars, and there’s no way of getting dollars once you’re already in the country, I had to abandon both of those and in the end went with airbnb, which was only slightly more expensive and has online payments.
      I pay around $700 a month; BA is not a budget destination by any means and prices are comparable with Madrid or Barcelona.
      You can find longterm lets for around $500, but you’d have to pay 6 months upfront as a foreigner without residency permit and then your electric, service charge, internet and everything would be on top of that. If I do stay longterm I will have to look at either flatsharing or suburbia.
      Unfortunately, I think the city will work out too expensive for my needs, unless I am able to come up with some brilliant idea over the next month or so.
      I may need to head up to Bolivia or Ecuador, where it is still possible to live on a low income.

      • Well I for one am very interested to hear about the moany stuff, as so much of indie travel involves coping with adversity. People who don’t understand that probably have never ventured outside the tourist ghettos. Anyway, thanks for the info, it’s all good to know. I’ve been reading some books on international living and Cuenca, Ecuador, keeps coming up. These websites might be useful? trustedhousesitters.com and internationalliving.com.
        Buena suerte y via con Dios! 🙂

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