Buenos Aires week 8: Moving into Barbie’s Playpen


So I’m moving house again, for the third time since arriving in Buenos Aires. This time I am renting a bedroom in somebody else’s house, which is a little cheaper than renting my own apartment (but not by as much as you may think).

It means losing the kitchen, although in truth the kitchen created as many problems as it solved. I thought it would make it bit cheaper for me to prepare my own food at home, but in reality I struggled to find anything to buy in the supermarkets (a very narrow supply of somewhat sad looking fruit and veg, cereal and yoghurt all loaded with sugar and a really limited choice of anything except meat), and I spent many an hour walking up and down the aisles desperately looking for something to buy. Plus the kitchen area was just something else that I had to keep clean.


My new neighbourhood

Now that I no longer have to commute to my Spanish class in the mornings, I have moved back up to Palermo, next to all the parks, the restaurants, tango clubs, galleries and such.  It really is a case of location, location, location.


Back enjoying the tree-lined avenues of Palermo

I shall be spending my next two weeks living in the house of Maria, who has become the latest victim for my Spanish practice. Now that my course has finished I set myself a daily task of finding someone to speak Spanish with every day (and no, saying hola and gracias in the supermarket does not count as a conversation) and more often than not Maria is providing that conversation.


My little pink bedroom at Maria’s house.  I also have a little pink box to keep my shampoos together in the bathroom and a little pink tray to keep my things in the fridge.  I like pink but even I’m beginning to feel as if I’m living in Barbie’s playpen.

I also have a couple of meet up groups for further language practice and a new language social that I have discovered in a nearby bar. All that, plus my tango classes, keep me pretty busy. And if there’s one thing I do well it’s find ways to keep myself busy in order to avoid work for a bit longer.

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  1. Hi Sarah. One thing comes to mind: I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, I am fantastic, made of plastic. You will be singing that now all day 🙂 I love your little room (well apart from the pink thing). I would be no good living there would I, if it is all meat!!! I am still trying go get over the sausage gate of the weekend!

    I just love the look of your new location and I am sure Maria is more than happy to listen to you and your Spanish. Let me know how the Meet Up groups go. I am on the hunt for some new ones to engage with but I think yours may be a tad too far. As always, my love xxx

    • Yeah I’m finally living in the bedroom I wanted when I was 8. But when I was 8 my father insisted on decorating my room with train engines and stuff, the kind of bedroom he wanted when he was 8 I suppose.
      I read they’ve just brought out a plumper Barbie, more realistic.
      It’s a bit claustrophobic here to be honest. I save around £5 a day; I know it’s all money but you do wonder if it’s worth the saving.
      Meet up, as ever, is very hit and miss.

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