San Telmo, Buenos Aires: a market, some Tango and a pickpocket or two


One of the things I made sure to do before leaving Buenos Aires was to go back to San Telmo one more time. Every Sunday there is huge street market. It’s a bit touristy but you see plenty of locals there too.

The market is very lively, with all kinds of street performers.




If you want to watch tango for free there are shows around Plaza Dorrego. Really you should tip them a few pesos if you watch, or certainly if you take photos. It’s quite funny to watch people edging away towards the end of a performance, so as to avoid having to put money in the box.





There are plenty of little shops to poke around in too.  If you go during the week it’s a lot quieter without the hustle and bustle of the market, although I much prefer the hustle and bustle.  The place seemed quite strange when I walked through there once durning the week.



It definitely pays to heed all the warnings about keeping a tight hold of your purse.  I saw a bag snatch whilst I was there this week; a man on a motorcycle grabbed a woman’s little clutch bag and roared away.  I usually go with no bag and everything in my pockets; then you just have to worry about the pickpockets.


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  1. Hi Sarah
    Well my first question is, where are you now? I just loved the look for the performers, so colourful and vibrant. Unlike my trip to Peckham today, where I did think of you. I went to the coffee shop we went to and it was closed 🙁 I was most upset. Peckham was not sunny today. Let me know where you are. Save travels my friend xxx

    • There are lots of great cafes around that area, but the trouble is I only really enjoy it when I can sit outside, and I doubt that would be appropriate there in Feb.
      I am taking a couple of weeks travelling around the south/middle of Argentina where I am expecting penguins, sea-lions and that kind of stuff.

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