Santiago: Art at the Ralli Museum


I’m not much of a museum fan really; I prefer to spend my time enjoying the outdoors or chatting with locals. However Santiago is home to some spectacular museums, many of which are free (or at least really cheap).

One of my favourites was Ralli museum. A bit of a haul to get to it but totally worth it. Free to wander around, you can take pictures and the staff behave as if you have genuinely made their day by turning up.

There are Ralli museums dotted around the world in Uruguay, Spain and Israel as well as this one in Santiago. They are a not-for-profit organisation aiming to make Latin American art available for everyone.

On the top floor they have some Salvador Dali sculptures, however the ground floor is awash with Contemporary Latin American art.

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Nearest metro is Escuela Militar, and then it’s a cab or a hefty 30 minute walk from there. Undoubtedly there are buses that would do the job, but really I’ve given up even attempting to figure out the buses.

I combined a trip to Ralli Museum with an afternoon at nearby Bicentennial Park.




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