On completing one year of full time travel


It’s coming up for a year since I packed everything up and headed out on this journey. I started August 20th last year, in Reykjavik (which seems a lifetime ago) then carried on to USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and finally Brazil.


Reykjavik, last August.

As I get near to my one-year-of-travelling anniversary, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to spend the second year.

This is the trouble when you leave me alone with my brain for too long; I start getting ideas.


I don’t want to carry on the same way for another year. The travelling is too tough on me, I’m not getting anything done because I am constantly on the move, I spend so much of my energy chasing after a good wifi signal and I’m rarely anywhere long enough to really connect with anybody or anything.


The post-Brexit pound is another factor; I need to find a way to either earn more or spend less to make up the difference.

So for the next year, instead of moving constantly like this, I am going to pick four places and I am going to live in each of them for three months.

I have decided on my four places, but I’m not saying at this point because I am likely to change my mind along the way and don’t want everyone saying ‘oh what happened to xxxx?


The countries are not particularly close to one another, but maybe that doesn’t matter so much. I will save money on rents by taking on longer-term accommodation and anyway the proximity of a country doesn’t necessarily make cheaper air fares, as I have found to my cost (literally) in South America.

In case the photos aren’t enough of a clue, I am now in Madrid.

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  1. Hello Sarah. I think this sounds like a great plan and you never know, if I can grab a cheap flight I may well come and visit you st one if you secret locations. Yep the Brexit stuff is just crap for so many reasons 😕 Xx

    • Well let’s see if this works any better. Not secret locations exactly, just giving myself space to change my mind if something else comes up.
      I am still really angry about the Brexit thing; it should never have gone to a vote. But we all have to make the best of things we can’t change.

  2. One year of travel so far, wow! Congratulations, you’re an inspiration. Madrid is a surprise, since it makes my mind jump continents and oceans. Looking forward to what comes next and all the best. 🙂

    • Yep time flies by. It all feels a bit weird to me actually, suddenly being in Europe again. I do still intend to go into central America (I particularly want to go to Cuba and Nicaragua) but the weather is getting wet now and I really do try to avoid rain.
      Plus it is really bizarre that it costs around the same to fly to Spain as to fly to Colombia or Ecuador; it really doesn’t make sense.
      So I’m going to give this a go for a few months, but in a smaller city where it is cheaper.

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