2nd stop in Australia: arriving in Brisbane


I have now moved on to Brisbane. For anyone who doesn’t realise, Brisbane in summer (which we are just coming into) is hot and humid. Well, better too hot than too cold I think, but it has slowed me down. You can tell the locals; they walk around as if they haven’t even noticed (always carrying a little jacket just in case the temperature should suddenly nosedive to 28 degrees or something).

Another thing that has slowed me down is the various horror stories I have been told about spiders that jump out at you and snakes that hide waiting to pounce. So I sleep with one eye open now, watching for one of these psychopathic creatures to creep up on me.


No pictures of spiders or snakes, just a nice view of the Brisbane river


sunset on Brisbane river

Here’s a fact about Brisbane: it has the third most expensive public transport system in the world. Number one is Oslo, number two: London (yay, go London; if ever there’s a competition for most expensive something or other, then London always puts on a good show) and Brisbane is number three.

When I get the bus into town late morning (by the time I stumble out of my pit, fuss around deciding where to go and then actually get moving) I am often the only person on the bus for huge chunks of the journey, so you can see why they need to charge so much.

Here is another fact about Brisbane: the Bee Gees grew up in Redcliffe, one of its suburbs. If you go there you can find a whole street dedicated to their memory, called Bee Gees Way. There are Bee Gees songs played in the street on continuous loop. I’m not sure how late this continues, but maybe best not to buy a house next door (unless you enjoy the Bee Gees on continuous loop of course).

I have spent much of my first week here walking around the city. This is quite easy in the centre, where most of the sights are reasonably close, however once you get out of town a bit the roads tend to meander up and down and places that look close on the map can turn out to be a long uphill battle, especially in the heat.


Here’s a bit of street art, just to tease you…


Meanwhile, my blog reached the ripe old age of two-and-a-half this week. If my blog were a child she would now be starting to socialise with other children. If it were a job, it would be my longest lasting job ever. If it were a relationship it would be my second longest.

I have changed the focus many times over the past 30 months. These days I am going for more of a storytelling vibe, using the blog to showcase my writing when I apply for paid writing work,  rather than writing SEO-friendly listicles to try and coax in more readers.

Readership has gone down, as it does every time I move to a new country and lose people who had an interest in my previous destination. However I don’t think that’s the be-all and end-all of everything anyway.

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  1. Hello Sarah. I quite like the Bee Gees well all that Saturday Night Fever thing, but would not want to hear it 24/7. Brisbane looks cool. I like the idea of spiders and snakes. I was disappointed when I went to Australia that I never saw a thing; well only in the zoo but that does not really count. Happy Birthday your blog! I hope we are not going to have the terrible twos. You know my views on young children at the moment. As always, hugs and stuff xxx

    • yes I could possibly cope with the Saturday night fever stuff, but they seemed to be specialising in the ballads here; that awful song that was covered by (I think) Boyzone.
      I had a spider in my room. I was terrified but on describing it in the morning it was dismissed as ‘oh that’s only a house spider’. It was enormous.
      I looked up toddlers and 2.3 years, and I should be potty training. So that’s where we’re at now, my blog and I: potty training.
      Brisbane is totally amazing.

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