A Little trip to the Sunshine Coast: Caloundra and Mooloolaba


Lots of pelicans…

Since arriving in Brisbane I have been staying with a friend. However it has been a month and I thought it time to give her a little break from my constant chatter and litany of complaints (mostly about the mosquitos that line up outside my room waiting for me to wander out and provide dinner for them).   So I headed up to the Sunshine coast for a few days by myself.


Less famous with international travellers than the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast consists of around 70kms of towns and beaches stretching to the North of Brisbane.


There are lots of gorgeous beaches wherever you go, although the towns are quite different from each other, with their own bit of personality, so it’s worth taking some time to decide which one is best for you. I had no idea, so the two towns I decided to explore were Caloundra and Mooloolaba.


Caloundra is reasonably easy to get to from Brisbane with a train to Landsborough and then a frequent bus service from right outside the station. They also have a reasonably priced backpackers hostel (you can’t miss it if you get the bus from the station), with a dorm bed costing from Aus$25 (that’s around £15/€17; a good price for Australia).

How do you know when you’re too old to stay in hostels?  When you look around and the average age appears to be about 12.  

Fact about Caloundra: it was awarded the title Australia’s neatest town for two years running (2011-12).


It’s a nice little beach town with plenty of shops and cafes and a choice of beaches from large surfing spots to small, calm little coves.


Mooloolaba is a short (40 minute or so on the bus) distance further on.  It’s a little bit more upmarket but very similar.


This statue in Mooloolaba is of Steve Irwin.  Australia zoo, still owned by the Irwin family, is nearby.

Anyway after three days on the coast my bed was full of sand and my body was pink and sore, so time to regroup and plan my next excursion.

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  1. Hi Sarah I did snigger at the reference to the 12 year olds!? Did you go to Steve Irwin’s Zoo? You know what killed him don’t you? The one animal that I’m absolutely terrified by! Hope you are not too pink. Safe travels my friend xx

    • Hi there, No still didn’t do the zoo. I had it in mind for if we had an overcast day, but we didn’t so I didn’t. It was too hot to wander around a huge zoo.
      Rays aren’t normally dangerous though; there are plenty of animals here that are but rays only usually defend themselves. That said, if one came towards me I’d swim away pretty fast.

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    It’s the first day of Spring, but in Western New York, it’s still 30 degrees. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would much rather be in Australia right now. Plus, my best friend just got accepted into a study abroad program on the Sunshine Coast and reading this got me super excited for her! Check out The Mad Woman in the Attic’s post!

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