Update: Christmas in Brisbane and wondering what comes next


Well. I’m still in Brisbane…

I went to plonk my air mattress on the floor of an apartment with a couple of mad New Zealanders for the Christmas/New Year/Hanukkah/Yuletide/December/whatever you celebrate holiday.

The apartment was in Redcliffe, which is right by the sea. I’d already decided that if I were to move to Brisbane then this is probably the area I’d pick to live.  A few beaches, sea breezes and a little parade of shops and cafes, what’s not to like about Redcliffe?  Good to get this ten-day trial then.


An idea of how Redcliffe looked once upon a time…


Redcliffe today.  Actually this is neighbouring Margate.


Settlement Cove lagoon…


Redcliffe jetty.  On Sundays they have a market here, but it wasn’t running over the holiday.  There has been a jetty on this spot since 1885, although this one was built in 1995.  The 1880s were very much Redcliffe’s heyday, when holidaymakers and day-trippers would travel up by paddle steamer.  


keeping a lookout


Remember Redcliffe from my first weekend here? It’s where the BeeGees come from and they have a whole street dedicated to them called Bee Gees Way.  

I took a bit of a break from blogging and social media generally whilst I was there; there’s only so many times I can switch on my FB to see yet another picture of a Christmas Tree or another blog post featuring ‘a review of my fabulous year’ before I start screaming.

I’m not Christmas’s biggest fan, as you might be able to tell.


My neighbour, on the other hand, is a much bigger fan of Christmas.  Yes, this is a private house.

I was inundated with writing work the whole holiday anyway, mainly because I lowered my price to a figure so small it can’t be seen with the naked eye.  Working for less than I’m worth or having what I do undervalued makes me incredibly grumpy.

box-jellyfish In other news, there is a wave of box jellyfish currently in Frazer Island area and apparently headed our way. Great. On top of worrying about psychopathic snakes jumping out at me (a Brisbane man woke up to find a snake slithering on top of him; it was on the news), poisonous spiders lurking in the toilet and dingos attacking me by the throat when I innocently wander across the garden (I saw a TV show about that), I now have to worry about killer jellyfish with teeth like barbed wire waiting to attack me.

Well onwards and upwards.

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  1. Hello Sarah Oh don’t you love Australia. So much exciting stuff going on and such wonderful wildlife lol. Jelly fish. JF was my ex’s nickname, so I did smile when I read this. Redcliffe looked really lovely and quite British and look at those blue skies. Hugs and love xx

    • Yes the whole look is very English with the little seaside pavilions. I’m not sure if there’s a Redliffe in UK but the two neighbouring areas are Margate and Scarborough.
      I doubt you’d be so keen on these jellyfish. People die getting bitten by those bad boys. Every time I go somewhere somebody tells me yet another horror story.

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