Bring in the Clowns; visiting one of London’s more unusual museum

Back in London two days early (now there’s another story) I was eager to go and visit the Clown Museum at Holy Trinity church in Dalston.

Holy Trinity, Dalston.  This church holds a memorial service to Joseph Grimaldi every year.

This teeny-tiny museum is only open one day a month, on the first Friday, so I was lucky to catch it.

I’d never heard of the place until it was featured recently in Time Out.  However the trouble was that I read about it along with a million other people who also decided to pay a visit. Like I said, it’s a small place.

Hm, might get something to fit here…

I know a lot of people have clown phobias but I actually really love them, so much so that I once went on a ‘learn clowning’ weekend a few years back. I’m not a fan of slapstick comedy generally, but there’s something about someone with excess makeup and weird clothes that appeals to me.  (Insert your own joke at this point).

Sarah’s useless fact for today: A fear of clowns is called coulrophobia.


Each clown should have unique makeup; there's not a pattern to follow.    These eggs represent differnt clown makeup.

The museum has these painted eggs on display, showing different clown faces.  Each clown should have their own unique look; there’s not a clown pattern to copy.

There are some live clowns on site, happy to chat and answer any questions.

If you want to go it should quieten down a little in a couple of months. Might be good to pick school term time too.

Free entrance.


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    • Yes I had no idea this even existed before but I do like finding something a bit different to do (particularly when it’s free).

  1. Hello Sarah I saw this too in Time Out but I do not like clowns and after reading this blog and seeing the photos, I’m really pleased I avoided if! Got to love London haven’t you. Xxx

    • Nah probably not your kind of thing. The clown bloke was saying that the assistant editor of TO went there and fell in love with the place and that’s why it’s suddenly getting so much publicity

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