Lavender Blue: Frolicking on a lavender farm on a day trip from London

Mayfield lavender

A great little London day trip

I’m always on the look out for easy little day trips from London that I can do on public transport. This one is good for anyone who is a fan of the colour purple (I’m not talking about the movie, although maybe you could recreate it here) and anyone who likes nice smelly stuff.

Mayfield Lavender Farm is situated out in Banstead, Surry. To get there you need to get yourself to Sutton station, or West Croydon, and from there you can pick up a bus to take you the rest of the way. There are several ways to do it (the easiest being by car), and however you go there will be long stretches of suburban hell to go through before you are finally confronted with this big sea of purple.



It’s something to do with the chalky soil that is prevalent in this part of the country, apparently, why lavender is easy to grow here.

I went via Sutton station. Sarah’s totally irrelevant Sutton fact:  I took my driving test in Sutton. I picked it because somebody told me (erroneously as it turns out) that there were no roundabouts in Sutton. Not only is this not true, but roundabouts were never really my problem anyway. What I needed was a route with no corners, so that I didn’t have to reverse around one.

Mayfield is a nice place to spend a few hours. It’s very instagramable if you enjoy that kind of thing, although gets very busy now it’s the school holidays and every mum within a ten-mile radius has brought their little darlings, all dressed up in their best clothes, ready to be photographed surrounded by lavender.


Note the presence of a pretend phone box, in case you need a prop for your photos


The cafe sells an array of food made with lavender, such as this lavender cup cake…

Mayfield is open from June until September and it costs £1 to go in (plus parking if you bring a car).

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  1. Hello Sarah. I saw this featured in Time Out and thought it looked good. Mind you, I get the shakes in Zone 3 these days let alone in ‘the country’. Much love xx

    • Yes it’s all over instagram. It’s really pretty but a couple of hours is enough and without a car you’re just stuck in suburbia after. I ended up in Croydon. Still haven’t recovered fully ☺️

  2. Looks amazing – I can almost smell the fragrance. I have never had the pleasure of seeing a field of lavendar – must be sectacular. Forgive the foreigner – but Why is there a phone box in the middle of it all?

    • In the south of France they have field after field like this. Looks amazing in photos but I’ve never been there in lavender season. Not sure about the phone box. I thought it was a prop for photos but it may have been a wifi hotspot. Just in case you can’t wait until you get home to inflict your photos on your ‘friends’ 😊

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