Street Art in Granada, Spain

I took a day trip to Granada last week to hunt out street art.

Granada is not as chock-a-block with street art as some other cities, however there is still a fair bit to find. The Realejo barrio (the old Jewish quarter) is the main place to look.

granada street art

Granada’s most famous graffiti artist is Raúl Ruiz, who goes under the name of El Niño de las Pintura (painting boy). You can see examples of his work everywhere, such as his take of the thinker, on the side of Molinos hotel.

El Nino streetart

The Thinker

He is also the person behind the drawing of Clash frontman Joe Strummer, which I tracked down last time I was in Granada (you can check that out here).

streetart granada

More of El Nino’s work.

In the same area is Santa Domingo school, which is covered with all kinds of pictures. This time it’s not the work of El Niño, but rather a giant free-for-all.


This was my favourite. If you squint, this bird turns into an old woman.

granada street art

granada streetart

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  1. Hello Sarah. I hope all is well. It is amazing how much street art there is all around the world. Some amazing stuff in this post. I hope you are keeping well. Hugs and stuff xx

    • Hey! yes it seems like theres street art in every little city I go to these days. All is ok here. I’m in London next week; I have my day in court. 🙂

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