Sarajevo’s Abandoned Olympic Bobsleigh Run

Sarajevo abandoned Olympic Bobsleigh

Part of the abandoned Bobsleigh run up in the hills above the city

In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the winter olympic games.

I had heard about an abandoned bobsleigh run, left to rot in the Trebevic mountains above the city.  Being a massive fan of abandoned buildings I thought I should set off and track it down.

abandoned bobsleigh Sarajevo grafitti

It’s been a while since there has been a bobsleigh on this track. During the war it was used as a hideout by snipers and then it was deserted and left to decay. Long forgotten and overgrown with grass, it is now enjoying a bit of a renaissance as an offbeat tourist attraction.

The track has become covered with graffiti and is a delight for photographers.

abandoned bobsleigh Sarajevoabandoned bobsleigh Sarajevoabandoned bobsleigh run Sarajevo

You can trek up to it, and there are lots of blogs detailing how to do that, however it is a hard, uphill slog. Also there have been some stories about robberies happening on the track up and so I didn’t want to do it on my own.

grafitti, bobsleigh abandoned, Sarajevo

In the end I hired a driver to take me up there.  Luckily I met another solo adventurer interested in doing the same trip and so we were able to share the cost.

On the way back down to the city we also stopped at this derelict hotel, burnt out during the war and then left to decay.

Sarajevo abandoned buildings

Sarajevo abandoned building

You can also enjoy some fab views of the city on the way up the mountain, so even if you’re not interested in abandoned bobsleigh tracks it is worth going up.

view of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

view over the city

Sarajevo, skiing, hiking,

On the opposite side of Sarajevo, the Bjelsnica mountains contain this ski run. No snow in September but this has been developed into a nice picnic area with a restaurant and other facilities. There are excellent hiking trails nearby.

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  1. Hello Sarah. I have a friend who has been to Sarajevo a few times and really likes it. I think I would like to go as I remember being pregnant with Megan whilst the ethnic cleansing was happening, I just felt so useless. I will add it to the list (which is getting a great deal longer). Safe travels xxx

    • I really like the city (actually, the whole country) and I can’t even explain why. They are not yet worn down by tourism and the prices are still really low. The Bosnian war is in living memory of most of us and yes I can remember seeing it all on TV. You should add it to the list. It could make an interesting long weekend trip from London even (I”d wait until spring now though; gets very cold in winter).

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