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Gazi, I am told, has overtaken Psiri as the hipster hangout.  The area is dominated by the old gas works, now de-commissioned and rented out as a party/events venue.

I’m not so much of a Party Animal these days; I never really was actually, and one of the few advantages of getting older (believe me there are only a few) is that I no longer have to pretend to be.

However, even I enjoyed a nice night-time amble around Gazi.

Tbex opening night party, viewed from a distance...

Tbex opening night party, viewed from a distance…

I attended the TBEX opening party in the old gasworks, or Technopolis as it is known.  It is a maze of buildings containing, amongst other things, an industrial museum, plus a radio station (‘Athina 9.84’), which occupies one of the old gas holders.

The red lighting on the tower is a reminder of their earlier use as fiery furnaces, aparently.

The red lighting on the chimney is a reminder of  earlier use as fiery furnaces.

Around Technopolis, the neigbouring streets also contain a large selection of bars and restaurants.  It is, apparently, the trendiest gay hangout in the city too, or so I read.  I didn’t see  much evidence of that, but then again I wasn’t looking.

Certainly it is more of an ‘after dark’ destination.  I went back there one lunchtime, keen to try out one of the cool restaurants I’d seen a few nights before, and found the area deathly quiet.

I walked around the gas works, which were spookily empty.

2014-10-27 13.49.25

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Finally I picked a restaurant in neighbouring Persefonis Street, which looked inviting (and, importantly, was open since quite a few of them didn’t seem to be).

Butcher's shop in nearby P street.  Look carefully, there is another customer..

Butcher’s shop in nearby Persefonis street. Look carefully, there is another customer..

This was Butcher’s Shop, where I had a really nice fish soup.  Later when I checked online to make sure I had the name right, I found this restaurant recommended by Fodor’s; it’s always good when you stumble on somewhere that is recommended like this.

As for Gazi, maybe it’s better enjoyed as an after-dark destination.

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