IMG_9145After Sao Paulo I got a (surprisingly efficient and comfortable) bus to Paraty (pronounced: Paratchy), a kind of midway point between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It takes around six hours on the bus.

I stayed there two days/three nights. It felt enough. My hostel was quite basic, yet still cost me £23 a night. Paraty is not a budget destination. Eating out in the old town was really expensive too.

Paraty itself is quite picturesque. An old port in colonial times, it was used by the Portuguese to get the gold mined in nearby hills safely back to Lisbon.

The town was ‘rediscovered’ in the 1970s, preserved in a kind of time-warp, and opened for tourism. There are now hundreds of little guest houses in the area, although it has managed to retain a little of its charm.

If you are a fourteen year old girl with unrealistic romantic ideals, you are probably familiar with the Twilight series. Well Bella and Edward filmed their honeymoon in Paraty.
You can visit the same cove (get a bus to Miram and prepare for a bit of a hike, or you can charter a boat). You can even stay at the same hotel as the actors, Pousada de Ouro, here a standard double room starts at around £130 on

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  1. Hi Sarah I lost all interest in the Twilight films very much after the first one. However, it looks very lovely here. The one thing I have noticed from your posts is that generally South America is not a budget destination, but a beautiful one. Safe travels my friend x

    • I never saw the movies; I think I read one of the books and that was enough for me. But I do like seeing movie locations even when I didn’t see the movie.
      No it’s not cheap like Asia. Even with countries like Bolivia that are cheaper, the main tourist stuff is still expensive; I guess they make their money where they can. The low pound isn’t helping though either.

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