Walking in the footsteps of Shakespeare’s doomed lovers in Verona


A Day in Verona

You can easily take in the main sights of Verona in a few hours.  Not that it isn’t a perfectly nice place to spend a few days, but it also offers a nice few hours as a stopover on your way to Venice, Florence or Pisa.


Verona is home to Shakespeare’s doomed lovers, and you can visit Juliet’s house (‘casa de Giulietta’).  The courtyard is normally busy with young couples taking endless selfies.

Juliet's courtyard
Juliet’s courtyard

And of course there are the damn locks once more. (read more about the lovelocks).


You can visit the house, although there isn’t so much to see.  About the most interesting thing was the bed from the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie.  (That’s the Olivia Hussey Juliet, not the Claire Danes one)

You can step out onto Juliet’s balcony, although the balcony was added in the 1930s, so not so authentic.

View from Juliet’s balcony.  You can see the courtyard and the gift shop.

Romeo’s house is also supposed to be nearby, but I couldn’t find it.  However Romeo’s house is not open to the public and has only a plaque on the wall to denote it, so maybe that’s why it’s easy to miss.   I didn’t try that hard.

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